This is IFMA-Madison's 5th year running the Facilithon, developed at IFMA-Madison. As the Madison IFMA chapter's program has grown, chapter programs are running this SKillsUSA event in 3 other states with active teams in 6 more. To date, the Facilithon has engaged 204 competitors at State SkillsUSA events. Additionally, over 6,500 students know what Facility Management is and that they are great candidates for the career path. The Facilithon program cracked the nut on "where can we populate these programs, whether job-shadowing, internships, college or direct job placment?"  Facilthon is the answer, providing thousands of future Facility Manager candidates as is grows across the country. 

Our team, including both Milwaukee and Green Bay chapters, has been present at 10 different district and regional SkillsUSA events in WI this year, sharing the Faciltihon message with students in advance or our annual state conference. 

Facilithon-WI leadership consists of:

  • JR Roethke for FBG Services corporation
  • Kendall McWIlliams, United Vaccines


The Facilithon Returns April 30-May 1st

Meet Next Gen of FM at SkillsUSA FACILITHON - Madison
Tues. April 30th 3-6 PM & Wed. May 1st  8-4 PM
Volunteer opportunities include Judging, Testing and Booth Fun in 4-hour shifts
Pre-event mixer Monday April 29th 5-7 PM
Coliseum Bar, Olin Avenue Madison 
Sound like fun? IT IS. You'll go home tired and smiling.